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What constitutes a business trip? Technically, you’re on a business trip when your company instructs you to perform work-related activities outside of your usual workplace. The event can be as simple as visiting a trade show or meeting with a new client. More complex events such as meetings or product launches may qualify as a business trip. You must still report your activities back to the office, but the primary function of the trip is to achieve company goals and objectives.Read more about 출장안마


If you’re taking a business trip for business reasons, make sure you follow the guidelines for tax home travel. You must file an income statement with the appropriate agency in the U.S. It’s also advisable to consult a CPA to make sure you’re meeting all the necessary requirements. In many instances, your CPA can help you qualify for a business-activity tax credit, which reduces your taxable income. Make sure you document all your travels thoroughly and report back any activity that qualifies as a business related travel.

What can you do in between your work time? If you’re traveling to a distant destination, consider hiring a driver to take you there instead of having to do it yourself. The time saved can amount to large expenses. Also, if you don’t drive, try to find a transportation option that allows you to spend the same amount of time you would spend commuting, even if you have to take some public transportation. The more time you can spend interacting with the locals, the more productive your time will be.

Don’t blow your travel time to work time. Business trips mean time for building new relationships. If you take business trips at the expense of your work time, you put that relationship at risk. Worse, if you use your business trip time to meet someone for an inappropriate encounter, that’s crossing the line and could land you in hot water. Don’t jeopardize the trust of your clientele or your own career in order to impress someone or to score a point with someone you just met.

If possible, avoid business trips to rural locations. These places can be a minefield of cultural conflicts, especially if you are representing a non-traditional or conservative company. Instead, work-related business trips to more urban or cultural settings can be much more successful for you and your company. For example, if you represent the entertainment industry, your best bet may be a trip to New York or Los Angeles, California. You’ll be able to network with the best people in the business without having to deal with the cultural and political differences in the area.

Even if you do everything you can to minimize your trip, sometimes you’ll still have those small moments when you want to pamper yourself. If you have tax deductible business travel expenses, these expenses can still be written off. Just make sure you itemize your deduction. Remember, it is still against the law to deduct any business travel costs you paid on vacation days, church or holiday.

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