With a larger than ever demand for cyber security professionals and companies, more doors are being opened by smaller cyber security solutions companies into the cyber security marketplace. One of the most interesting of these is CYNERGY TK which has been established by three former hackers and a computer programmer. CYNERGY TK is an interesting concept in that it integrates computer hacking prevention and security with the promotion of privacy in the digital age. There is much to learn about this concept from reading CYNERGY TK’s white paper and other relevant resources.

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CYNERGY TK has built a real time networking capability, which is an important aspect of a cyber security solution. CYNERGY TK has developed a threat detection system that can monitor all network traffic to identify suspicious activity. The network security provider will be alerted of any attack on their systems and will perform action either to prevent or to mitigate the damage if able to. CYNERGY TK’s threat detection system notifies the network administrator via text message, email or PPC.

A cyber security solution company should also have an in-house team of knowledgeable and trained personnel who are familiar with the latest malware threats and how to respond to them. It is absolutely essential that all employees understand cyber security and the basics of how to stop attacks, since some recent vulnerabilities have made it possible to infiltrate corporate networks by malware hidden as harmless files. These are often referred to as “rogue antivirus” programs. Viruses and spyware can cause serious damage to a business by interfering with employee productivity and costing the company thousands of dollars in repairs. Employees must also be trained to be aware of the latest malware threats and how to deal with them.

Many companies offer online cyber security services and support. Company employees can receive alerts about malicious attacks via e-mail, instant messenger and PC screen messages. Some systems also allow for real-time reporting of suspicious activity, with the ability to block or erase any infected files.

All businesses should take extra measures to protect themselves against cyber security threats and the subsequent damage they can cause. Most businesses use e-mail in conducting business, but some are unaware of the fact that e-mails can be attacked and infected with viruses and other harmful software. Many businesses store confidential information on networked computers, and if those computers become infected with malicious software, the entire network could be compromised. Businesses should also be very careful about what networks they choose to connect to, as many hackers have been known to attack these networks in order to obtain sensitive information. Employees must also be educated about the latest malware and how to deal with it. This will help businesses avoid potential problems and increase productivity.

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